How to Help

We are interested in full-shift Time-Weighted Average (TWA) noise measurements of workers in US and Canadian workplaces. We would like the following information for each measurement:

o Job title of measured worker

o Industry of measured worker

o Measured TWA (and maximum or peak level, if available)

o Measurement date (month/year)

o Measurement duration (hours)

o Measurement standard used (e.g., OSHA, ACGIH/NIOSH, or provincial)

We DO NOT want any information that identifies individual workers, and we will NOT identify companies that contribute to the JEM unless they specifically request in writing to be identified.

If you have anonymous noise measurement data that you are willing to share, please contact us at or by using our contact form.

2 thoughts on “How to Help

  1. Hey Rick, I did my undergraduate work at the University of Michigan and my MSPH at the University of Washington. My thesis was on Noise Induced Hearing Loss, but it was many years ago – published in 1983 or 1984. I just wanted to say hi, Go Blue, Go Dawgs! I wish I could help you, but I am no longer in the field of IH. Good luck! Christa

  2. Worked in mining for years conducting noise assessments of work areas and now in maint and construction with a university. Would love to help!

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